Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Gardening & Patiency


Hi everyone, it has been a very long time since the last time I wrote and i'm pretty sure my last post came up around 1 year ago. Lol imagine if this blog is my child, i'm sure he/she are already big now and almost can walk or talk (really?) and cringing over their mummy who neglected them *facepalm*.

I'm on my semester's break now for one month and a half and i've already been at home for a fortnight I guess? Yep, unemployed hehe but I could sum up that I work for my parents for now. In other words i'm being their part time personal assistant (i'm awkward to say this out tbh) and do their meeting's minute, this and that letter and so on and also had to follow them wherever they go (they have a quite pack schedules somehow). Despite that, I get to learn lot of new things! I can't help but feeling proud with myself as I managed to learn to do a certificate hehe pardon me, self-apreciation let's say it. Ugh by the way i'm having a sudden headache to think that my 4th semester result are coming out tomorrow like heol that was too close and too quick?? Man, I did quite bad for the past sems. I can't really predict what's coming up for me but let's just pray for the best, Allahu.

Ahh no no i'm not gonna talk about it now, let's crash into my main point.

My mum love to do gardening a lot ever since i'm in the kindergaten and I could still clearly remember my dad used to build a wooden 3-tier rack for my mum to place her flower pots (it is so pretty and i'm in love with his effort). Before this, my mum used to plant many kind of flower and all of her plant grew well (the pokok are so kembang and everything looking so fresh) and people always told her that she has a cold hand (old's people saying). 

Recently earlier on this year, we just finished with our house renovating and my mum had to move all the plant to other place but she decided to give them out to our neighbour. Naw she's kinda sad at first but she started all over again her hobby but no more flowery plants, now plants that produce goods!! 

Alhamdulillah she already has various kind of plants for now such as pokok daun kunyit, daun pandan, pokok limau purut, pokok limau kasturi and daun kecur. I'm happy everytime I saw the outcome *heart eyes emoji* the buah limau grew up well, and its also easier for her to cook when everytime she's in need of one of those, she could just sarung her tudung and get it over the fence. She also told our neighbour if they are in need, just take whatever they need and no need to inform her each time (my heart).

Last evening, I went to the nursery with my mum to accompany her looking for a new vase and soil. She wandered around and thinking of getting a new plant so she decided to bought the pokok limau nipis. I was at the point which i'm totally lost wHY GOT SO MANY TYPES OF POKOK LIMAU THAT WE HAD TO KNOW? LIMAU THIS LIMAU THAT?? Man, I didn't know that the round (quite big la) vase are just RM 11.60 and the soil are just RM 2 each bag? (That's how I suddenly start day-dreaming to have my own mini garden when i'm married and have my own house -hehe hi sayang) I ask my mum if we had any chance to add another plants, so I ask her those plants with label that I saw around me "can we have the pokok oren? Pokok jambu? Pokok durian?" lmao I sound so dumb why would we plant such huge trees. My mum come up with a brilliant idea that I felt the most excited at the time and that's how we end up buying pokok cili as well!!

So we started the planting at around 9 p.m after comeback from dinner. Yes my mum prefer to do it at night as nobody are seeing us she said and I add that doing this at night are nicer as the atmosphere are less hot than during the day (enough with me being hot myself *fliphairs*).

I gotta tell you, gardening did required lot of patience. Not only during waiting for the outcomes but when we do the planting as well. You need to do it gently so you wouldn't affect the plant and ruined it. That's what I learned today as we are moving the pokok ubi to another vase and I just can't hold any longer because it got stucked  in the soils so I kinda pull it so hard that my mum goes "Ya Allah adik jangan rosak pokok ibu oi alamak!!" and she quickly take em away from my hands. I blinked my eyes couples of times and i'm worried if I really did ruined it but she start lecturing me and tell me how we should be good to plants and do it gently not as just how you pleased.

Lots of respect for all mothers and everyone who do gardening out there! I hope our plants will grew nicely and pay all the sweat and hardwork, aminn.

Here's a peek of my mum's pokok limau kasturi ;-)

From left ; daun pandan, limau kasturi, limau purut, pokok daun kunyit (which already wilt but don't worry ibu already cut it out now) and featuring a slight look of pokok daun kecur

It do looks good isn't it?! Now I can't wait for my pokok cili to roses <3 hehe thank you for reading everyone, I just miss to write so much so i'm deeply sorry for the freaking long and bore post. I hope you have a nice day ahead. Be strong in whatever you are facing and please know, Allah is always with you, with us. Much love from me.