Thursday, February 11, 2016

Productive Weekend


Wassup everybody!! How's your mid-sems break? I know one week are not enough, like what to do in this one week that passed in a blink of eyes but bersyukur lahhh.
Finally guys I get to write a new post yeay with the help of home's wifi (home's wifi are always the best) (at its best). 

Let's get back on the track, i'm writing this post to share my experiences with my friends regarding our trip to Tanjung Tuan during Thaipusam's break a couple of weeks before, hurey!

Our Saturday went off like normal teenagers out there, renting car, went to Palm Mall, Seremban for food & food and cinema. We watch a Thailand's movie, Senior which is unexpectedly came out amazing and fun! Actually we didn't plan to watch movie at all so we decided at the freaking last minute infront the cashier. Luckily the 12 ringgit are well spent, really worth it.

And here comes the main story, early in the Sunday morning we went to Tanjung Tuan by motorcycle (i'm not riding of course). The journey from their house to the destination took about 10-15 minutes if i'm not mistaken? And after a few minutes spending my termenung time fighting with the fresh air during the journey (it's early in the morning and my mata are still, very bengkak!) finally we reached there tadaa!

Fees are just RM 1/entry for each person. So before we went up, we did a lil warming up so our body wouldn't be shocked (like how my mental are shocked how I woke up very early) (still cannot move on that I woke up very early on Sunday's morning). The track up to Tanjung Tuan's lighthouse aren't that extreme because it was covered with tar, just like a normal jogging track but the different are it is not flat. 

When we reach the lighthouse's, we take the route down to the beach and starting from here the track are getting more extreme than before (mentally & physically challenging) because it its consist of wide stairs (insert laughing with tears emoji).

Half-way the track down to the beach!

Tadaa, we successfully reached the beach and the scenery is so breath-taking (heart eyes emoji)! Sadly I didn't take a lot of picture here, well memories in mind are the best isn't it (sedapkan hati gais).

There you go the anti-social girl over there

A very awkward pose right here ._. umm

No filter at all, see! SubhanAllah what a beatiful creation of Your's! 

We went home for a few min break, and went out again for free pool bathing! Eheheh.

I think that's all for this post. Hehehe so what about your weekend? Let's all together change towards a better youth for our country, and for the future. Heading towards a better and healthy life-style!!
(wake up at 10 the next morning, and still eating fast food until now)

This girl are exaggerating so much, ugh.
Have a nice day ahead everyone, good luck in whatever you are doing. Assalamualaikum!

Much love, xoxo ehehe

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