Monday, November 16, 2015

New Life


Hello peeps.
Whatcha doin'?
How's life, after what you have been through after this almost-whole year, 2015?
If you are having a shitty year, be tough.
That's what made us guys, that's life. Like the typical saying, sometimes you're up and sometimes you're at the bottom and at the end, everyone could feel it too.
So sit back, buckle up and relax.

Scratch that, let's get straight to the point.
So hello everyone! I think it has been awhile since the last time I updated my blog. Actually my last post is not the few years ago, I did post one or two before but I decide to hide em hiks don't ask me why eleh like none of you haven't been through the growing phase huh?

Apparently this post with the title new life is about me furthering my studies (for the first time being away like very far from my parents for a very long term) (nope big girls don't cry) at Politeknik Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. I'm doing Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and about to start my second sems in a week.

Alhamdulillah everything went well for now. Despite how bad the dilemma I faced before, its kinda worth it. My spm's result are not that good, i'm even dissapointed with myself. Sorry I had to write the truth but that's what I feel, I don't know how to face my parents and family. Mine even worst than both of my sisters.

I'm moving on by registering pra-universiti (form 6) at my old school. I managed to be in the same school with my bestfriend again yeay (after she leave me for good for two years, nah dang u sehebat). Let the past be bygone, I kinda love my new family. 6R Al-Farabi, meeting new friends are fun. I'm taking sastera class, which got 4 main subjects (ekonomi, pengajian am, ict & geografi) since I really love geografi like to the moon and back so don't raise your eyebrows wondering why on earth I pick that class because geografi > sejarah.

That evening, its kinda rainy like heavily rainy out there. I just came back from school and still in my baju kurung when I received the text. At first I was like nah let just take a look into the web and forget bout this, let's go to sleep. But my jaw dropped the moment I saw the course written in the surat tawaran. Tears streaming down my cheek as heavily as the rain out there. And that's how I face the biggest dilemma ever in my life (after choosing between sleep or wifi). It takes me weeks to finally open my heart and accept poly. My parents keep telling me whatever my decisions is, they will be just fine. But actually I could sense that they secretly want me to go there *smirk.

15 June 2015, the day everything changed.
The four day of MSK (Minggu Suai Kenal) kinda stressing me out you couldn't lie this i'm asking you which orientation week would give you a break?? But dear junior, don't give up because of MSK. Despite how tired you are because of the pack schedule, it wouldn't last long. Daily class day wouldn't be that bad, nehi. MSK also make me feel less homesick because everytime I went back to my room all I could think of is bed, shower and bed. Friendly reminder right here, don't you sleep during ceramah or you will missed loads of things (eheh gurl talking like didnt sleep ha u?)

I thought this post supposed to be me sharing abt my new life? Thats a one hella long introduction I see?

During MSK, don't bother abt making new friends especially with the opposite gender with you because (lol me) soon you gotta memorized a lots of faces and names, including subject's codes and lecturer's name. Class's first meeting with PA (Penasihat Akademik) is the thing you shouldn't miss. And what's the first thing you should do after your class's whatsapp group chat are created? Stalk every contact in there!!! Lol pardon me. Don't dissapointed ya if the one you attracted the most are taken (laughing with tears).

Don't take class easy guys, you don't. Life is not like how we used to be in school before. Don't skip class unless you are deathly ill. Abt friends, this is the biggest deal. Be wise in choosing friends and I remind you, DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE EASILY. I had enough with all this. Mentally and emotionally hurt, why? Not because of studies, but because of people. It could take us a lot of patience to deal with new friends with freaking different attitude. I'm not saying that you shouldn't be friend with anyone, but just don't be too kind. Especially girls, please noted that our heart are fragiles. So please, handle em with care.

For muslims, don't leave your prayers okay? Wherever you are, remember our kewajipan. If you have some free time after each prayer, why not you spent some time reading a page or two of Quran? Take it as a food to our soul, our empty soul.

Hmm I think up till now, thats what I had for today. I couldn't think of any important things anymore. A big salute to each of you who (im not sure rela or not) finished reading this. I just wanna share my experience so if you think this post doesn't bring any good for you, nah forgive me for that.

If the guy you adore at the first place are taken, don't give up hopes. Ever heard abt miracles? Hehehe

For new intakes sesi Dis 2015, i'm happily welcoming all of you to Politeknik Port Dickson *throw confetti*. 

Have a nice day ahead everyone, assalamualaikum!

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